Weekend Reads 11-05-2015

Viens, France

      Hi everyone, how did your week go? I have finally settled down after coming back from France. I really loved the Provence, it is amazingly beautiful, the food is great, and the tiny villages are just drop-dead gorgeous and calm. Everything is so pretty, the houses, the streets, the clothes and accessories... seriously, my eyes hurt when I got back to Germany.
    I'd like to give a shout-out to an amazing language learning podcast: if you want to learn some French or any other major language, I really recommend the Coffee Break podcasts. They are slow paced but really easy to follow, and have this building-block method which is really nice. And they are free! I went through some Coffee Break French podcasts before my trip, and I was amazed how well I got around with what I learned (plus, the French were super-nice to me, they really like it if you make the effort). Right now I'm going through Coffee Break Spanish, since I can understand a lot of Spanish passively and would like to learn to string together a sentence.

* Style: I love Kleiderkreisel, it's my favourite place to buy, swap and sell clothe. I recently discovered the US equivalent Vinted! France has Vinted.fr, Vinted.pl for Poland, Votocvohoz for the Czech Republic, and Manodrabuziai for Italy.

* Life: Life is all about all those Kronos moments.

* Photography: DIY vs store-bought light tents

* Cute: Comics every introvert will understand

* Swim: how to securely fasten bikini strings

* Beauty: Cara Delavigne's brows are available to try on (scroll to the bottom of the post).

* Book of the week: The Erotic Mind is a really great book about the psychology of sex. It examines the causes of the human desires and turn-ons, exploring the idea that humans use eroticism to heal emotional wounds and find a way to accept themselves. Powerful stuff.

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