Super Easy Nude Manicure: Essence Studio Nails Hardening Nail Base

   I'm not a huge nail polish fan since I find them rather high-maintenance, but I wanted to show you this product that stole my heart recently. A stylist did my nails for a no-makeup look recently, and instead of a nude nail colour she used the Essence Studio Nails Hardening Nail Base. The effect looks like a subtle french manicure, looks understatedly elegant and fits with all skin tones as it is translucent. After a week it was finally too chipped to wear (it would last longer it I would wear gloves while washing the dishes), so I ran around the city looking for a bottle. Apparently the Essence Studio Nails Hardening Nail Base is only available at the big Essence counters (in the bigger Müller drogeries), the smaller counters in the small Müllers and in the DM don't carry it.
   The Essence Studio Nails Hardening Nail Base goes on clear but turns lightly milky in a few minutes. I used two coats here. It is really easy to apply it evenly, even with your non-dominant hand, and best of all -- small chips aren't obvious.

    If you can't get Essence products where you live (find them near you here), you can try other nail bases to see if you can achieve a similar effect. You might want to be wary of the ones that promise whitening, since they are often rather blueish.

    That same stylist taught me a couple of cool things and the Essence Nails Hardening Base wasn't the only thing I had to have after spotting it in her kit. I'll write about the rest soon, so stay tuned!

   Do you have a favourite nude nail polish or nail base? Do share!

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