How To Dry Your Makeup Brushes: My Simple Trick

   It's pretty important to clean your brushes regularly, as they collect a mix of makeup, old skin cells and skin oils. Yuck. This can cause breakouts and other skin issues, and obviously dirty brushes will also make your makeup go on weird.
    I clean my most used brushes once a week. I wet the bristles, swirl them in soap, and use my fingers to lather the soap. Rinse, repeat. If you have acne or other skin problems, you might want to clean your brushes daily, or at least disinfect them with alcohol (which kills the bacteria but doesn't remove old makeup). All my brushes are synthetic and easy to clean, natural brushes require a bit more care.
    Drying the brushes can be tricky. I squeeze the excess water with a towel, and then try to find a place where I could lean my brushes to dry. It is important that the brushes dry bristles-down, otherwise the water goes inside the handle (which can loosen the glue). This is the classic way to do it, but some of my brushes landed up getting misshapen, not to mention that it took up quite a bit of space. This was always an annoying dilemma, until I tried this:

   I tie the brushes together with an elastic, and use a hook to then hang them onto something. This particular hook is from Ikea, I like it because it is flat so it stays put, but you could just bend a piece of wire or a paper clip. There are many other ways to do it, but I like mine since I don't need much space or equipement to do it.

   In the summer my brushes are dry the next day, but not in the winter. This doesn't bother me when it comes to my foundation brush, since I like to apply my foundation with a moist brush anyway. But it's really annoying when my powder brush doesn't dry! But it's not

   How often do you clean your brushes? How do you put them to dry?

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