The Best Natural Alcohol-Free Deodorants That Work

  The armpits are connected to our lymphatic system, which is basically the way that our body disposes a lot of toxins. Conventional deodorants usually contain a lot of toxic ingredients, yet it is really difficult to find good natural deodorants. I'd say that deodorants and sunscreen are the two products where I have been really finicky and picky, and I have finally managed to find products that fit my pretty high standards (here is my perfect sunscreen, in case you're interested).

   My criteria: the deodorant must keep me smelling fresh for 24 hours, I should not have to worry about reapplying if I'm out late. It should not dry my skin, seriously I don't want to have to add "moisturise my armpits" to my daily routine. It should not block pores, I mean, who wants armpit pimples? And of course it should not contain aluminium, synthetic perfume, and other toxic ingredients.
   I prefer deodorants without alcohol, since alcohol dries out the area and makes the skin look flaky. For that reason all of the deodorants listed here are solid, since most of the liquid ones are based on alcohol.

  I do not recommend antiperspirants as they disturb the natural detoxification of the body. The lymphatic system pushes out toxins though the sweat glands in the armpits, and using an anti-perspirant every day really messes with that. You can use an antiperspirant occasionally, for special occasions (going out dancing, job interviews, on stage), but definitely not daily. 
    Here are my favourite deodorants:

Crystal Deodorants

  These are clearly the winners: clear, no smell. They last for ages, making them by far the most economical option on the list. The only negative thing is that they shatter when they fall on the floor.


   These are based on baking soda, but don't dry out my skin so much as the DIY baking soda deodorant. The deodorant is in the form of a paste that you apply with your fingers, and it comes in many different scents. I chose the Celtic (very herbal), and the Sage. The scent is very delicate, so it isn't really important which one you pick. The only downside is that the deodorant leaves a light white cast on the skin, so I don't use it when wearing sleeveless clothes. Tip: subscribe to their newsletters to get alerts about discounts, free shipping and other offers.
    Those in the US might want to try the Soapwalla deodorant creams, which are quite similar.
   A very similar product is Wolkenseifen, with the difference that Wolkenseifen uses chemical perfumes (with the exception of one or two products), which can be problematic because the ingredients of perfumes are not disclosed and often toxic.

Speick stick deodorants

  This is a tad less effective that the above choices, but is cheap and easily available. The fragrances are herbal and might not be everybody's cup of tea.

Lush Solid Deodorants

   These are surprisingly effective, smell good, and don't dry out the skin. The downside is the price, and propylene glycol and perfume (which is at least 40% chemical, according to Lush). So, not exactly natural, but I still wanted to mention them as they are free from aluminium and alcohol.
   Here are a couple of other natural deodorant recommendations from Garance Dore and from NY Mag.

    Those are the deodorants that I have personal experience with. What are your favourites? And which ones didn't work for you at all? (For me the fails were all the ones from Alverde and Alterra).

photo credit: lanuiop via photopin cc

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