Style Blogs You Should Be Reading (Part 2)

My favourite fashion blogs

    A while back I told you about my favourite fashion blogs. I still read and love each one of them. Since then I have discovered some more really good ones, which I wanted to share with you! Almost everything I know about style is thanks to those blogs, with their help I have come really close to figuring out my own style. I love blogs that talk about the "how-to" of style and fashion, about the process, which help me to work with my wardrobe. I like blogs that encourage me to develop my style and understand my needs instead of inspiring envy and random attacks of shopping.
   I go through a lot of blogs, and very few make it to my RSS reader. Even fewer stay.
   Here are my current favourites:

   I never thought that I'll be reading a minimalist blog about capsule wardrobe from a blogger whose style is very different from mine. I love the little insights into her process and the little tips that she sprinkles below her outfit posts. Also, someone finally let me onto the secret on how to wear shoes sans socks. About time!

Inside Out Style
   A classic how-to style blog. She breaks everything down and teaches you the basics: which necklines for for you? What kind of patterns are dressy and what kind are causal? Did you know that there the colour red can have warm undertones or cool undertones? Which kind of jewelry works with your facial features? That blog is a goldmine of knowledge presented in a really easy to understand way.

The Tehran Times
    Mind-blowing outfits, art, and a lot of subversion. For me it is fresh and different (as compared to the very repetitive western fashion scene), plus tons of ideas for more modes dressers and / or colder weather.

Dress Like A Parisian
    I love this blog, especially the "how to wear x" and "how to choose x" posts!

Into Mind
   Lots of practical posts, with a focus on sustainability and simplicity.

Ubieraj Sie Klasycznie
   I love this blog for the amazing break down of the season colour theory. For example she'll pick twelve different shades of green and tell you which ones flatter which colour types. Also, I love this post on Angelina Jolie's colouring. For those of you who can't read it, the gist is this: Angelina loves to wear black, but doesn't really look her best in it (unless she is wearing a lot of makeup). Strong colours don't flatter her either, she looks better in softer colours. It is in soft and warm colours (last photos of the post) that she really looks radiant and her skin looks healthily pale (as opposed to sickly pale), since her colouring type is soft (light) autumn. The moral of the story is that a cheap T-shirt in your best colours can make you look like a million dollars!

Style Digger
   She is one of the most popular fashion bloggers in Poland, and has recently shifted to a slower, most sustainable style philosophy. Also, she does the best link roundups.

   I'd love to discover ore great fashion blogs. Do you have any recommendations for me?

Image from the amazing Tehran Times

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