Learn How To Highlight Your Face From Celeb Flashback Makeup Malfunction Photos

   You have probably seen the very weird photos of weird white powder on celebrities? Their makeup artist used a product that is prone to "flashback", which means that that the product contained ingredients that reflect strong light -- usually titanium dioxide. Of course in normal light the highlighting powder doesn't look at all powdery, it's only strong camera flashes that make it look weird. The photo of Rihanna on the left is in regular light and the one the right is with flash. While the gossip sites are having a field day and saying things like "didn't they check the mirror before going out?", you can use these photos to analyse the highlighting techniques that the star makeup artists used.

   I wrote about highlighters here, but to refresh: highlighting products are light-coloured and catch light, and the part of the face they are applied on is optically brought forward and also softened.

  There are some parts of the face where highlighter always looks good. But you can take it a step further and use highlighters to balance out your face shape and draw attention to your best features. The flashback photos reveal where the celeb's makeup artists have used highlighting products, so let's try to analyse them.

   Rihanna's highlighter draws attention the eyes and the top of her cheekbones. She also highlighted the corners of her mouth to bring attention to her lips and slightly widen her pointed chin. There is a touch of highlighter under the arch of the eyebrows.

Angelina Jolie has highlighter applied to her jawline to soften and fill out her jawbones.

Nicole Kidman's highlighter lengthens and softens her tiny sharp nose, and the eye area got brightened up as well.

Eva Longoria's highlighter widens her face in the most flattering place and draws attention to her eyes.

Miley Cyrus brings attention to her lips and slender jawline with highlighter applied in an inverted-triangle shape. For a slimming effect the product has been dusted on only in the front and not on her jawline, as you can see here.

   I hope that this posts gave you some ideas! There are many other celeb-with-white-powder photos on the internet, and with luck you'll find someone with features that are similar to yours. If you have any questions about highlighting or highlighters, let me know.
   I have written another post on avoiding flashback, so watch out for that in the next few days.

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