Keep Gift Wrapping Hassle-Free With These Versatile Gift-Wrapping Supplies

DIY Gift Wrap
via Vorstellung Von Schön

    Gift wrapping supplies are a pain to store and organise. Instead of going all Pinterest-y on you and telling you how to make a gift-wrapping station, I'd like to propose a simpler approach: a couple of supplies that take up few space and are multi purpose. These days a lot of stores will gift-wrap your purchases for you, and that is the most hassle-free way. However if that is not an option or maybe you want to put more thought into the packaging, you should have a couple of versatile supplies at home:

Silver Wrapping Paper

   It is right for every occasion: birthday, wedding, christmas, office celebration and even kids love it.

Kraft paper

     Simple and minimal. You can also easily customise its look completely with washi tape, twine and winter greenery, stamps, gold or lack marker, whatever else you have on hand. The image on the top of the post is a beautiful example, you can find the full tutorial at Vorstellung Von Schön (you should totally check out the whole blog, it's full of very doable DIYs).  It is also beautiful enough on it's own, just tied with twine. You can also make bags out of brown paper, for example if you need something to pack homemade cookies that you want to gift someone.

Washi tape

    To decorate and to label. Be sure to get quality ones, since the really cheap ones tend to tear really easily and are a pain to work with. Washi tape is extremely useful around the house, so you'll never regret buying it.

Twine / baker's twine / ribbons

    Buy one or two rolls. If you pick ribbon, make sure it is in a versatile colour or pattern (holiday-specific or too girly ones should be avoided).


   I'm a huge fan of this Japanese gift wrapping technique and I collect thrift-store scarves for this purpose. Even ten scarves can be folded really small and tucked away into a drawer.

Metallic markers

    Use them to draw or write on the craft paper, and make your card pretty. I still remember how as a child how beautiful I found the first card that I got that was written with a golden pen. 

Save what you get

     When I get a gift, I like to save the little decorations like ribbon roses, feathers, decorative tags. They all go into a small box and are used to decorate the simple brow paper packages. Greeting cards can also be cut up and used for scrap. Leftovers from other crafts can also be used: fabric or leather or any other flat material can be cut into a star, beads can be strung onto twine,

Don't forget the card

    In my opinion a well-written heartfelt card is much more important than the packaging! Wrapping gets admired for a few seconds and then torn off while cards are kept for a long time, sometimes even decades. Take a few minutes to write something personal to the receiver. If it's a birthday you can go all creative and random and write just about anything --- what you like about them, an inside joke, your favourite memory. When wishing someone it's nice to make at least some of the wishes specific (as in I hope you finally find your little dream apartment with the balcony instead of I wish you health and happiness).
   And here is a tip for simplifying cards: instead of stocking up on occasion-specific cards, get some that can be used for almost any occasion. I have been given several picture-postcards with either art on them or funny / wise quotes. Alternative stores or stores with handmade stuff sometimes sell cards with photos or art that aren't occasion-specific.

  That's it folks! What do you use to wrap gifts?

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