Beauty Tool: Spray Bottle

Spray bottle as a beauty tool

   I thought I'd share this haircare tip with you because even though I thought it's something that probably everybody does, but then a couple of my friends didn't know it and found it really useful.
   Hair masques or conditioners before shampooing are a very important part of my hair-care routine. Now, conditioner is best applied on wet hair, but not soaking wet. It's easier to apply the conditioner evenly is the hair is moist, the wetness of the hair keeps the conditioner from drying up. But if the hair is too wet the conditioners will run right off, plus nobody likes water dripping down their neck while they are doing whatever it is that they do when their hair is up in a plastic shower cap.
   I used to experiment with wetting my hair with a short burst of water and then toweling it off. It more or less worked. Then I started using the misting bottle to get my hair the exactly correct amount of wet. I think I picked this up from my hairdresser, he uses a misting bottle to keep my hair moist when he cuts it. You spray all over your hair till it is slightly wet, apply conditioner and voila! The gardening misting bottles are the best because you get the right amount of water out of the nozzle, and they are very comfortable to use. You can also spray your bathroom ferns with it.

   There is another use for the spray bottle: moistening face masks that are drying on your face. Face masks should always stay moist, once they dry they don't work, and they might even dry the skin. As soon as you feel the mask tightening, spray with the misting bottle.

   Have you tried something similar, or is this too gimmicky? Also, I'd really like to own some pretty spray bottles, anyone knows where to get some?

photo credit: Diego3336 via photopin cc

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