Weekend Reads 17-01-2015

  Hello everyone! How have you been? Before I jump into this week's links, I wanted to talk about why I have been posting less frequently. I went down from the 3-4 posts a week to around one post. The reason is that I have been getting a bit of blogger burnout, and I decided to go for one good from-the-heart post a week instead of space-fillers. Space-filling is easy, I could gather content from somewhere, re-post older stuff. But that's not something I want to be doing regularly.
   Also, blogging takes up time, something that I haven't have much of recently. Some of the posts that I write can take several hours from start to end. I know, I can hardly believe it myself. But if a post is about something really specific, I take quite a lot of time to research online some that what you get in the post is in-depth, as accurate as possible, and with lots of bonus tips. Writing goes fast, but editing takes ages since a lot of mistakes creep in. Then I run the post through two spell checkers. And then there are the images -- I love taking my own but I'm not terribly good at it yet -- so styling the stuff I want to shoot, shooting and then editing takes a long time. Finding images online that I like that I'm allowed to use is usually annoyingly time-taking as well. 
  Well, I'm not writing to this to talk about "the hard life of a blogger" but just to explain why I choose to slow down. What gives me encouragement is that most of my favourite bloggers aren't very prolific (Dress Like A Parisian, Style Digger, Si Dawson to name just a few). Blogs that have new posts each day usually have several contributors -- and I mostly read only the original author's posts anyway, or rehash a lot of old content.
  So I hope that you will bear with my slower schedule and stick with me!

Now, onto the links:
* Curious about what a ballerina's day and beauty routine looks like? Read this and this.

* If shaving irritates your skin, you might want to try a hair trimmer.

* Check your priviledge, feminist

* The Nife has completed a shopping fast and now talks about shopping motivations and substitute activities

* I love the Daughters Rising lookbook -- the beautiful accessories,

* Female cartoonists draw their bodies and talk about beauty,
* This hearing test is so cool. I can just barely hear the 15Khz. Did you know that as teenagers we can hear really high-pitched sounds, but we lose the ability as we get older? Some places actually have a device that emits these high pitches to get rid of loitering teens.
body-image, and feminism.

* Five things every room needs to feel complete -- simple but so true!
* Book of the week: Alexanda David Neel's My Journey To Lhasa is one of my all-time favourites. At a time when white people used to travel with caravans of servants, she disguised herself as a beggar with her face covered in soot-ass to hide her skin colour, and with her adopted son (a Tibetan Lama), nonchalantly starts her seventh attempt to reach the Forbidden City of Lhasa. Also, she was 50 at the time, a scholar of Buddhism, an ex opera-singer.

* Song of the week (lyrics slightly NSFW):

What did you find on the net this week that you'd like to share? Let me know in the comments!

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