Weekend Reads 20-02-2015

  Did you know that the 19th of March is officially the first day of spring? For me the ending of winter means wrapping up my small and big home projects. The warm season is gardening season, and I spend much more time outdoors. Winter is "nesting time", when I like to potter around the house, fix things, do some DIYs, an Apartment Therapy Cure, or -- this time -- purge the home with the help of Marie Kondo's magical little book. I'm writing this post squeezed between a (cute, new, second-hand) cupboard and a sofa, which are standing in the middle of the room till my husband decides where he wants to put his terrarium.

  On to the links for this weekend:

* Ambient Mixer has the best ambient sounds, from classic ones like a fireplace to beautifully complex ones like Tom Bombadil's Home. And you can mix your own ambient sounds too!

* Whaaat, it's apparently really easy to adjust clip-on earrings so that that don't pinch or slip off. All the beautiful clip-on earring that I have gotten rid off because I didn't know this!

* Scandi Chic!

* Was Coco Chanel a Nazi agent, or "only" anti-Semitic and homophobic?

* Another great way to wear your hair to bed

* What a difference the right pieces can make, aka how to look effortless chic and not frumpy in a tank-top and jean.

* I recently discovered the Free People blog. A must-see for lovers of Boho style and décor, or if you love DIYs with natural objects. Plus, their videos are adorable, if cheesy. This one is my favourite:

Photo credit: me

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