Weekend Reads 08-09-2015

      Hi everyone, I have been spending as much time as possible by the water. My favourite is the Eis Canal, which is as icy cold as the name suggests. It's exhilarating to swim with the fast current in water that is 4°C on a really hot day, dodging the kids jumping off the bridges, then falling asleep on the bank.

On to the interesting links that I found this week:

* Why you should never use anything with microbeads.

* Adblock is being paid to show ads. I switched to Adblock edge.

* Beautiful photos of the American summer in the 70s.

* Breathtaking photos of the polish summer

* And for my polish readers, I loved this charming piece about Warsaw's swimming pools in the 70s.

* Iconic movie scenes that were improvised.

* This coconut-mango-chia pudding is delicious.

One my favourite summer songs / videos:

Check these out: