Start With The Easy Version: Creating A Beauty Routine, Tip #1

   Here is the first of the series of short tips to help those of you who are struggling with regularity in your beauty routine. And it's not just about skin and hair care: most of these tips can be applied to taking baby steps in taking yourself in other ways -- makeup, clothes, even working out.
     A skin care routine can be challenging to get into. In fact a couple of years back I didn't have one -- I just cleansed and moisturised when I remembered to. Since then I gradually got into the habit of doing it regularly, and I must say it's really worth it.

Tip #1: Start with the super easy version:

    If you want to start doing something new, make it super easy and convenient at first. If you never remove your makeup and cleanse your skin at night for whatever reason, planning to do a double cleansing every night will probably set you up for failure. If you are like most people, you'll burn out pretty quickly. Instead, try making if super convenient like makeup-removing wipes on your bedside. The goal here is to get into the routine and making cleansing as automatic as brushing your teeth before bed. Once your chosen short-cut feels effortless, you can step up your game and try out products and routines that are slightly more demanding.
     Pick something that's quick and easy, that makes you go "oh, I could do that". Products that take seconds to apply, that don't demand perfection and expertise. A swipe of coloured lip balm instead of lipstick, a nail care pen instead of soaking your nails in a bow with oil. Whatever works for you! These products and methods are probably neither the most effective nor the cheapest, but just let go of your perfectionism for a moment. What counts here is that you are doing something, and something is always better than nothing.

   What easy short-cuts do you use in your beauty routine? Let me know!

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