I recommend: Moo Business Cards!

    A while back I was invited to a blog conference, and a couple of days before it realised I should have business cards. I didn't have any, I had no idea where to get some, and I was rather nervous about having to design them myself. Also, the conference was in a few days, and I was nervous that whatever I ordered would not come on time. I looked around on many popular German websites and tried designing my cards. After reading a lot of reviews and looking through a lot of offers, I found Moo.
    The conference was two years ago, and I still love my Moo business cards.

   Moo cards are pretty and they look much more expensive than they are. The colours are really nice and the quality of the printing is great. You can choose between matt and glossy finish, I went for matt. The paper is high-quality, heavier than the average card, and feels really nice in the hand. I really don't like the feel of flimsy business cards, it just feels cheap.
   You can upload your own design or use and customise their templates. I went for the second option, and was quite happy with the level of customisation offered. Also, I was positively surprised that my order arrived really fast! I think it was like 3-4 days, which is really fast considering they are printed in the UK.
  Apart from regular business cards, you can make those cute Minicards, many girls at the blogging conference had them. They are look more fun than a regular business card and are also cheaper. I also have an eye on the new square design. Then there are stickers, postcards, letterheads, and a bunch of other stuff that makes me wish I had a business or something that would give me a reason for ordering it.
   Moo lets you order a free trial pack if you are unsure about your design! Another really nice option is Printfinity, where you can different images in one pack.

   If you use this refer-a-friend link you get 10% off your first order :)

  The black box comes with the Moo cards. The blue and gold card holder is from Japan, I'm not even sure it's a card holder? Does anyone know?

  Disclosure: this is not a sponsored post. Clicking through the link will get a me a small credit though.

  Where do you order your business cards? Also, if you have pretty business cards for your blog, I'd love to see them, so post a link in the comments!

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