Really Feel Your Skin And Hair: Creating A Beauty Routine, Tip #3

    This tip might sound a bit out-there, but believe me, it works. If you are like me, you typically zone out while doing stuff like cleansing, moisturising or combing your hair. After you're done, if someone asked you how your hair felt like today, and how does your skin look as compared to yesterday, you probably won't be able to answer (unless there was something major going on that you had to fix, like a breakout or a very dry patch).
   Next time you are taking care of your skin, try looking at it in the mirror and noticing everything: the colour, the texture, and changes from yesterday? Feel it with your fingertips. If you are taking care of your hands, take a moment to actually see them.
    This has two great results. One, you'll start noticing how your skin and hair respond to the products you are using, as well as to what you eat, to stress and to lifestyle changes. Second, you'll be much more aware of your skin's needs, and therefore much more likely to give it regular care. You'll notice faster that your cheeks are getting dry and that your cuticles definitely need some care. You'll be able to catch problems before they get bad.
   This is not as time-consuming as it sounds. It's about paying attention to your body during the time that your beauty routine already takes, nothing more.

   So, does this sound weird? Slightly weird? Do you do anything similar?

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