Weekend Reads 11-10-2015

poppies in the wind

      Hi everyone, have you been? I have been doing a bit of spring-cleaning around the blog -- small tweaks to the design (mainly removing unnecessary stuff), deleting spam comments from older posts that don't have th IntenseDebate comment system, and switching up some of the widgets that work in the background. My knowledge of CSS and HTML is really basic, and I'd love to learn to use them properly and not like a monkey on a typewriter.

   I haven't done a Weekend Reads post for a while, which means this one is full of links I'm positively bursting to share! Here you go:

* How and why to keep a commonplace book.

* Productivity secrets I learned from a sexy chef

* If you are a fan of the series Outlander, or of costume design or simply appreciate good period pieces, you'll love the blog of the costume designer Terry Dresbach. She talks about the process of creating the pieces for the show, how the costumes support the story, plus the blog is completely unpretentious and a pleasant read.
   On that note I'm not sure whether to recommend the series Outlander to you. On one hand it's really good, it is one of the few series made for the female gaze, and the Scotsmen and the steamy scenes (which, again, are made for women and do not objectify the female lead). On the other hand, the ending of the first season has one of the the most graphic and heart-breaking things I have seen on TV (although I have to admit it has been directed well. Really well.)

* Love Snake and Action heroes.

* How actually look good in a cardigan.

* How to budget like a Parisian

* Wardrobe stylist Allison Freer shares her favourite tools to fix wardrobe disasters, + 10 more, + even more. Some of them are really ingenious, and I haven't seen them elsewhere. solutions for wardrobe malfunctions and

* I laughed at I Tried Living My Life Like Every Fashion Girl on Instagram Ever

* Bras: Here is a no-sew way of repairing a bra where the underwire has broken through the fabric.

* Create a Wake Up Happier Spot

* Tips for a life in a tiny apartment 

* A basic guide to zero-waste living.

I loved this short piece of Aussie humour:

Check these out: