How To Clean Your Brushes Between Switching Colours -- DIY

If you don't have a small collection of makeup brushes you end up using the same one for light and dark eyeshadow, or for highlighter and bronzer. There are a couple of simple ways to clean the brush before switching, so that you get pure clean colours and no unwanted glitter anywhere.
Sephora Color Switch recently brought out a very expensive brush cleaning gadget. You can make a similar one for much less. You have a couple of different options:
  • A stippling sponge (in German it's called Bartsschwamm which means beard sponge because makeup artists use it to create fake stubble). You can buy those in art supply store or online.
  • Foam pain brushes (the ones on a stick) work too.
  • Hair doughnuts, they are a bit harder and less gentle on the brushes.  
  • This kind of kitchen sponge works pretty well too. Pick a kind that has a raw and nubby surface. 
  • Washcloths are another option.
  • You can also use a clean microfiber cloth, the kind used for household cleaning. This is also a good way to repurpose and microfiber face cleaning cloths that you aren't really using. I prefer this to the doughnut or stippling sponge because I feel it's gentler on my brushes.
  • Foam from an old cushion or mattress. There are many different kinds of foam out there, so you have to test if the one you have works for this purpose.

You can put your sponge, doughnut or cloth in a small tin or pretty container. I put mine in a small box so that I can just swipe the bush over it. To test how well your homemade brush switch works, load some darker eyeshadow on a brush and then wipe it on your sponge or cloth. Then clean the brush with a wet wipe -- ideally the wipe should be almost clean.

Remember that these will just remove excess product, but will not actually clean your brushes. You need to clean them properly every few uses to get rid of skin oils, product and bacteria.

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