How Exfoliating Regularly Will help You Smell Fresh

Here is an interesting method I discovered that helps deal with body odour -- regular exfoliation. Let me explain.

Sweat in itself is odourless. The bacteria the multiply in it cause the smell. Exfoliating helps get rid of the layers of dead skin cells where bacteria can multiply really easily.

Exfoliate the underarms, the crotch area and your feet twice a week to really cut downs on body odours. How you exfoliate is up to you, I personally like the Kessa glove for thorough exfoliation as well as dry brushing which stimulates the lymphatic system. It is important to take a few extra moments to get into all the skin folds and crevasses.

Scrubbing just with water is fine, you don't really need a cleansing product. If you do want to use one, go for something mild (sulfate free).

If you use a body product with chemical exfoliators (AHAs or BHAs), don't forget to use physical exfoliators as well to remove the dead skin cells that are being dislodged.

And  you are really struggling with body odour in spite of good hygiene, you might want to look into your diet. And rule out hormonal issues. Serious body odour issues are usually a signal that something isn't quite right on the inside of the body.

Photo credit: Unsplash

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