Daylight Lamp Against Winter Depression -- Beurer Daylight Lamp Review

I've been meaning to buy a daylight lamp since a couple of years, and after a push from my doctor I actually did it. You see, I have a very hard time each winter, my body acutely thirsts for sunlight. And there isn't any for weeks at a time. When the clouds finally break I often lie in a path of sunlight like a cat or something. When I've had a bit of sun I'm a completely different person.

Like with most things I took quite a bit of time to shop around and research, and settled on a Beurer TL 30. I picked it because it is the size of a tablet and flat (23,6 x 15,6 x 2,6cm), which means I can easily store it or transport it. It also has LED lights which means it uses almost no energy. It has a small stand at the back which also allows the lamp to be hung.

Anyway, has the daylight lamp been worth it? A resounding yes! I felt the effects from the first day I used it. I feel more alert and awake, and don't crash at dusk (which is at 4:30 pm here in December). I have "normal" evenings on days when I use the lamp, meaning that I am moderately tired but not more so than in the summer. My mood is also pretty fine.
If you are suffering from winter blues and a listlessness and lack of energy during the darker months, I really really suggest you try a daylight lamp out.

I use my Beurer daylight lamp for half an hour every day in the morning, while I eat breakfast or am at the computer. It stands on my desk near my face. After half an hour the light starts getting annoying so I switch it off. If your house is warm you can try taking of your shirt to expose more skin to the light, I find that it is more effective. Another way that my doctor recommended is to let the light shine on the soles of your feet (under a blanket, if you easily freeze like me). Don't use the lamp in the evenings or it will keep you from falling asleep.

I got my Beurer TL 30 off Amazon for around 50€. If you are in Germany, I saw the the Beurer lamp for a similar price in the next Tchibo catalogue.
Other good (but bulkier and pricier) lamps are those from Philips and Davita. Of course there are tons of other brands out there, but for the lamp to function properly it needs to have a brightness of at least 10,000 lux, and it needs to be UV-free.
Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions expressed in this post are 100% mine.

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