Magnesium Oil Is An Amazing Natural Deodorant + Why I Supplement Magnesium

Magnesium Oil Is An Amazing Natural Deodorant + Why I Supplement Magnesium

Guys, I discovered a really really good purely natural deodorant -- magnesium oil! Firstly, it is very important: I mean magnesium chloride and nor magnesium sulfate. (I tried both).

Magnesium oil is simply Magnesium chloride dissolved in water and is not actually an oil. Apart from working as a deodorant, it can help bring your magnesium levels up (most people are deficient due to high estrogen levels, stress,  bottled water coffee and other factors). Interestingly it seems that magnesium is absorbed through the skin better than it is orally.

As a deodorant magnesium oil is surprisingly good. With all natural deodorants I tried so far I need to reapply within 24 hours, but with magnesium oil I smell absolutely clean on the next day. I haven't tested it yet for longer periods of time because showering is one of my favourite things in the world. It does get me through sweaty workouts, my sweat is odourless.

After applying the magnesium oil stings a bit. This usually goes away after a week of use. It also takes a bit to absorb, and I usually wipe away the rest after 10 minutes. You can also apply magnesium oil on the feet or any area that you have smell issues with. Of course you can also spray it on areas that feel tense.

Magnesium oil can be bough in health food stores. To DIY your own magnesium oil, mix magnesium chloride flakes with distilled water in a ration of 1:2. Pour into a spray bottle. Often magnesium chloride flakes are much cheaper than magnesium oil.

    I discovered this use of magnesium oil by accident, while reading up on transdermal vs oral supplementation. I first started occasionally supplementing magnesium when my gyn told me to take a couple of pills at the onset of periods to cut down on cramping; but when I told my holistic doctor about my recurring tension headaches and the pain and tightness in my shoulders and neck, he recommended that I take up to 900mg Magnesium a day. I read up on it and it seems that lots of people are heavily magnesium-depleted, especially women -- which is one of the reasons for chocolate cravings. Anyway, after a few weeks of taking three magnesium pills a day I haven't had any shoulder aches since. What is even more interesting is that the magnesium really calmed me and cut down on the anxiety --  it's like my body doesn't respond to the anxious thoughts, which in turn calms my mind. Again, I read up about this and I found forum discussions about how supplementing magnesium helped people with social anxiety to leave their house to go shopping.
Interestingly I have read that supplementing magnesium also can cut down on body odour.

You can't really overdose on magnesium because the body can easily get rid of the excess -- through diarrhea. So if you are prone to loose stools you need up your magnesium intake gradually.

Have you ever tried magnesium oil ? let me know whether this works for you, especially if you live in a hot place.

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