My Favourite Resource For Simple And Easy Hairstyle Tutorials


I'm pretty bad at doing my hair. I can't seem to coordinate the movements of my hands and their reflection in the mirror, and even if I do manage to follow the instructions the hairstyle usually doesn't stay in place. Still, I have been trying to expand my repertoire a bit. It's not easy finding good tutorials. American ones start by layering tons of products and then torturing the hair with heat, neither of which goes with my hair care philosophy. Also I don't own almost any styling products or tools, mainly because my bathroom is small and I just don't have the space. Lots of tutorials don't really explain how to do the in-between steps, others are just too complicated.

I don't remember how it happened that I stumbled onto this Japanese site, but I was pretty fascinated by their stuff, especially by their hair tutorials. Their home organisation stuff is pretty great too, but the hairstyle tutorials were unlike anything I had found on the Internet. Most of these hairstyles are really easy to do, plus they don't need special tools or products. Each post has variations on a theme -- low messy bun, half up, braid, short bob, etc.

The MP4s are short and to the point, there is no rambling that annoys me so much on Youtube. You can right-click the videos to slow them down or download them and save them on your phone. Here are a couple that I like:

This one is really simple to do yet looks sophisticated.

One nice technique I learnt is pulling gently at the hair strands to get that lovely texture. You can see that on the video above. That small touch completely transforms the simple hairstyle.

 This is one of the many stylish low bun tutorials from the site. Such low buns are perfect to wear with caps and hats.

 A lovely variation on the braid.

I don't speak a lick of Japanese, and though you could use Google translate to read the rest of the text on the page I find that the tutorials speak for themselves. I have successfully tried out many of the hairstyles show on Locari. I find that the causal messy-chic aesthetic works really well even if you are not terribly good with hair.

Are you good at hairstyles? If so, where did you learn? Or is this just something you have to be born with?

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