Weekend Reads 18 November 2017

      Hi everyone, the weather has been really awful -- rainy and windy and dark, making me want to sleep and stay in bed for hours and watch a lot of movies. I really envy those of you living in sunnier climates!

Here are some cool links for this week:
* I started out my style journey by learning about proportions. Here is a great post about calculating your perfect skirt length.

* What do you do if you have only time to use one makeup product? Or three? Here is an experiment that helped one woman to decide which product makes the most difference.

* DIY: pantyhose headbands

* Death of the show off. (I'm also so happy about flats in the front row)

* Style: The perfect vs the must-have

* A manifesto for slow travel

* The great language game. I'm ridiculously proud of my scores.

Did you know that people walked differently in the medieval times?

Check these out: