Try Applying Highlighter On This Area: The Temples

While browsing through makeup blogs I stumbled upon someone mentioning applying highlighter to the temples. This stopped me in my tracks, since usually I applied bronzer / contour in that area, sometimes blush, but never highlighter. After a bit of research I realised that central European bloggers often apply highlighter there, while American bloggers stick to contour.

I'm not talking about dabbing on highlighter on the temples but rather on sweeping the highlight from the top of the cheekbones to the temple area in a semicircle. Another example here, here and here. Whether this works for you depends upon the shape of your face and the effect you are looking for.

After a bit of experimentation I realised that if your cheeks are pronounced and your temples are sunken in, this kind of application will probably look good on you, provided you don't go to low in the cheekbone area.

The opposite effect of this is sweeping the area from the temples to the cheekbones with contour, I notice makeup artists do it a lot on Charlize Theron to make her cheekbone area less broad.

Ariana Grande's makeup artist seems to sweep her highlighter towards her temples:

Have you ever applied highlighter on your temples? Do you think it would work with you features?

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