DIY Shimmer Golden Oil + Shimmer Powder For The Summer

A while back I was looking for a shimmer oil, something like Nuxe or Joik but cheaper. And organic. Needless to say I was sorely disappointed, so I decided to make one myself. it's really easy, plus it's a good way to use up products that you aren't using, maybe because it's too heavy or not quite the right shade. After making the shimmer oil I realised it's really easy to make a dry version, really useful if you don't want to stain your clothes.

DIY Shimmer Body Oil

You need:
A shimmery eyeshadow, bronzer or highlighter. You can also buy mineral pigments online in all shades and finishes. In some countries you can buy mica in apothecaries. I used some mineral highlighter from the now defunct Lumiere that were a tad too shimmery for my face, but you can use just about anything. I like the fact that mineral make-up uses mica and silica for the shimmer, since micro plastic is such a problem right now.
An oil, lotion or cream. I used a mixture of sesame oil and carrot oil, the latter for its orange colour in an attempt to fake a bit of a tan. If you want a quick-absorbing light oil try jojoba or sunflower or grape seed oil. If you want something that's easier to transport, try something like murumuru or shea butter, you might want to warm them up till they are liquid.

If your shimmery product isn't in powder form, you need to smash it. Best using a mortar and pestle but you can use a fork or a spoon in a pinch. Then add it to your oil or lotion, work gradually, testing how it looks like. You might want a subtle glimmer or a much sparkier effect, it's up to you!

I have a little glass funnel, but you can easily make one out of paper

DIY Body Shimmer Powder

Instead of oil or lotion, mix your product with arrowroot starch. Of course you can apply a shimmer product straight up, but by stretching it with starch you can cover large areas like the legs or arms with an even and light layer.
If you are into essential oils, you can add a drop or two to the oil or the powder for a light scent.

Here is how mine looks like. It's pretty subtle and suitable for the evening, I'm thinking to make a sparklier version for the beach.

Over to you, do you have a favourite shimmering product for the body? Let me know if you try this DIY version.

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