Jade Rollers And Gua Sha -- Do They Work And How To Use Them

I've owned and used a jade skin roller and a Gua Sha tool for over two years. Since I have seen posts saying that it's the solution to all beauty problems and posts saying that they don't do anything, I wanted to write about my own experiences with both tools.

So I'll spoil the ending and say: yes, both these tools work, if you use the proper technique. Rolling back and forth isn't going to do much.

The Jade Roller

The jade roller works really well when I have a puffy face, a couple minutes of rolling and I can feel things draining away. For extra effectiveness, store yours in the freezer. If my lymphatic system needs extra help I make sure to add the step of rolling from my temples own the sides of my face, my neck, and towards the collar bones -- this really drains everything.
The wand really helps to relax facial muscles are habitually contracted. In my case it is around the outside eye corners and the forehead -- this causes lines and makes hooded lids even more hooded (you can test this in front of a mirror -- the hood become more prominent when you frown). When I roll these areas I feel the muscles relaxing, and I feel like rolling regularly keeps the muscles from staying contracted.
Finally, the rolling massage stimulates the circulation, which is good for the skin.
The Chinese also claim that regular massage of the face tissues can lightly form the facial shape by shifting fat tissues, and helps to fight facial sagging. I have read quite a lot of comments and blog posts of women who have overdone the Tanaka massage and ended up over-slimming their face, so it is safe to say that the method is very effective.
My jade roller isn't really jade, it is a cheap version from Ebay. I wish I could have picked one from a regular store since the smaller roller isn't perfectly symmetrical, also I kind of would love to own one out of a "noble" material like real jade or rose quartz. However mine did its job relatively well (apart from mildly squeaking) and it cost around 3€. Until my kid broke it.

Here is a nice guide on using the jade roller for a lymphatic massage. I like how she combines it with a s sheet mask. The actual technique starts around 4 mins:

The bottom line is: the jade roller is fun and easy to use, I'd recommend everyone to try one. However if you are serious about your facial massage, I'd suggest going for the Gua Sha.

This one is mine, however they come in all kinds of shapes.

The Gua Sha

The Gua Sha is an advanced tool, you can do much more with it than with the jade rolling wand, however you really need to know what you are doing. The Gua Sha tools have a shape where you can use a bigger surface or a smaller on, hold it flat or at an angle; this makes it extremely versatile for he different parts of the face.
I kind of follow the video below and also do a couple of steps that I learned from the Tanaka facial massage with it. I often do it in the evening while reading.

This video is really good and thorough, unlike many other youtubers she shows how to hold the skin in place so you aren't pulling on it:

How To Use The Jade Roll Or Gua Sha:

Always cleanse your skin first, then use a moisturiser or oil for the slip, and don't forget to wash it properly afterwards.
Don't use the roller or Gua Sha on irritated or broken skin or breakouts.
You need to use smooth, form strokes and roll from the inside of the face towards the outside. On the cheeks and around the mouth you need to roll upwards ten outwards. And in the end you need to roll down the outside edges of the face and down the neck.

So the bottom line is: massaging the skin in this way helps with de-puffing, relaxing the tissues, and improving circulations, however whether you use the jade roller, the Gua Sha or your fingers is a matter of preference. Those of you who are dealing with a poor circulation, a puffy face or tensed up muscles will see pretty quick results.
BTW my Chinese friend uses a porcelain soup spoon or a very smooth (polished) stone for the same, in fact my first introduction to Gua Sha was when she used it on me postpartum.

Let me know in the comments if you use the jade roller or the Gua Sha, or if you prefer your fingers.

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