Little Ways To Be More Present In Your Body

Being present in my body and listening to it's needs has been a huge topic for me this year. If you take a moment to try to feel what you really need, you might be surprised!
Here are some ways you can take a few moments throughout the day to be more present in your body:

Stretch as soon as you wake up, like a cat or a small child. Enjoy the stretches, really feel them.

Apply body cream in slower, tender motions. Feel caressed.

Feel the softness of your hair around your face.

How does your face feel? Relax it. I found out I was going to sleep with a tense pinched-up expression.

When in the shower, take a moment to ask yourself how your body feels under the warm water?

Check in with your body a couple of times a day. Without judgement, just notice what is there: hunger, energy levels, itches, how your clothes feel.

Take a couple of deep breaths and actually feel the breaths. Stay with them for their entire duration, from start to finish.

Massage your feet or your ears. Instead of just concentrating on the act of massaging, feel how you are being massaged.

If you can, get a massage and try to stay present in your body throughout the experience (warning: you might cry, but if feels so good afterwards).

Try a guided body-scan meditation, especially before sleep. There are many apps out there that have short and simple ones.

Eat without distracting yourself with a book or the phone. If it feels boring, be curious about the boredom --if it feels uncomfortable, why?

Have a lovely day!

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