A Quick Way To Get Rid Of Cherry Angiomas (Red Moles) At Home

Hello everyone

Here is a tip I have been sitting on for a long time, no idea why I didn't share it yet! It's my favourite kind: quick, easy and so effective.
Cherry angiomas are small, red mole-like skin growths that often appear on the chest area and sometimes on the face. Often they turn up when you turn 30. They are harmless and usually pretty unnoticeable. I had a couple and they didn't bother me, but when I heard about this way to get rid of them I got curious had to try it out.

Here is how to do it: you get a needle or a pin (pins are better because the plastic head doesn't get hot any you can hold it). You heat up the pin on a candle flame and then lightly touch the cherry angioma with the tip. The cherry angioma just pops! 

This method of removing cherry angiomas doesn't leave scars and the cherry angiomas haven't come back (it's been a few years).

So there you go! If your cherry angiomas are something you're not so fond off, give this a try! If you want to keep them, that's find too. Just one thing -- don't try this on spider veins, regular moles or anything else, it won't work, and you might get a scar.

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