Weekend reads 10-20-2020

Hello everyone, hope that quarantine is treating you right! Here are a couple of lovely links to sweeten your weekend:
  • This stork nest webcam is so adorable. My favourite part is when the dad(?) returns to the nest at dusk and they kind of greet each other and chat before settling down to sleep.
  • I  am doing the Science Of Well-Being online course from the Yale University and can really, really recommend it. It goes beyond the basics and delves into really interesting research (did you know that our minds are really bad at predicting what will and won't make us happy?) and is very pragmatic.
  • Älois Guinut asks thought-provoking questions about fashion and consumerism post-Covid. We all hoped that the quarantine would save the environment, but it looks like production and consumption is going to soar as soon as quarantine is over.
  • Kim's Convenience is a series that I have been binge-watching. It's about a Korean family that owns a small convenience store in Toronto. It has a comforting humour and deftly plays with east-asian stereotypes without falling pray to them. My favourite part are the weird repeat customers in the stores and the very dorky Shannon.
  • The Hemingway Editor is not only an amazing spelling and grammar checker, it will streamline your writing style and help you keep your sentences readable.
  • Chilled Cow is fully of low-fi beats for the best background music. This track is my current favourite.
  • And now I give you the best fashion and makeup channel on youtube: Aly Art. I recommend starting with her body type videos. Dipping into this system of understanding face and body types has really done wonders for me in terms of understanding why certain looks don't work for me even thought they should because I'm a "pear" or whatever. Aly throws in tiny pearls of wisdom in her videos that have been game-changers for me -- for example I followed her suggestions for my body type (SN) and did my eyeliner soft and chunky and then lightly smudged my lipstick in the corners, and bam! I can't believe what a huge difference this made.
  • @brownhistory is the most interesting account of instagram. It documents unseen and forgotten moments in the history of brown communities, with both heartbreaking and heartwarming and sometimes quite humorous stories and pictures.
  • @mazale has the most swoonworthy home ever.


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