Why I Am Testing Single Hair Products And Tracking Them In A Spreadsheet

Hello everyone,

I hope quarantine has not been treating you too badly. Here in Germany shops and schools have reopened, though with a lot of restrictions. I'm still working less hours as I normally do, and decided to use this to go back to the basics of caring for my hair. I want to understand how specific products and ingredients work with my hair. I normally use several products and techniques and often don't know why the work (or not). I also see a lot of magic combos online -- detailed routines and product lists that I then try to copy.

Now it's back to the basics -- I'll wash my hair any do just one thing. Only aloe vera gel. Or only a protein mask. Or only a vinegar rinse. I document the results in an excel table: I record volume, curl, definition, shine and softness. I also note how my hair looks on the second and third and fourth day. I also test and record techniques. For example air drying vs air drying most of the way with a hair dryer at the end vs using the hair dryer first and then letting my hair air dry.

The results have been very illuminating. I know now that anything with protein will give my hair a lot of curl, that aloe vera gives me hold and a nice texture and I can use tons of it without overdoing it. And yes, most of the products I tested are simple kitchen-shelf type of things because they just work so well for me. I have written a lot about these here.

I really recommend trying out a hair diary, whether a detailed excel sheet or a quick jot of what you did and the effect. Don't forget to include the weather, especially if it's raining, as that can influence frizz levels!


Photo credit: VenusianGlow

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