DIY Rice Water Protein Hair Rinse For Smoothness And Curl Definition

Rice water is one of my very best hair care tips. The proteins my waves more pronounced. It keeps my hair fresh, because the starch absorbs oil. The rice rinse also calms frizz and makes my hair smoother to the touch, and much easier to detangle. It minimises breakage through rubbing because the hair cuticles get smoother, so it's perfect for high-porosity hair.

How to make the rice water hair rinse

Here are a couple of methods that bring slightly different effects. I suggest playing around!

The water keeps a few days in the fridge, after that it starts turning into vinegar which is still good for the hair and the skin but does smell acidic.

You need rice and water. Any sort of rice is fine. Give it a quick wash to get rid of any dust and dirt, and to remove excess ground rice which can leave a white coating on the hair.

Rinsed rice

Soak the rice in water for at least 15 minutes or overnight. If possible use hot water, this draws out more nourishing ingredients out of the rice. Sieve out the rice, cook the rice on the same day and enjoy it.

Cooked rice water concentrate

Boil rice as you normally do (without salt), but use much more water than usual (so instead 1:2 rice:water try 1:3). Sieve out the water. This water is a concentrate and is to be used diluted, 2-3 tbsp per one glass of water. I feel like this method is better, probably the boiling extracts more ingredients out of the rice, but do try both versions to see what your hair likes. The rice itself end up up a bit sticky so you can make a pudding or fry it.

How to use the rice water hair rinse

Use as your last rinse after washing! Don't rinse it out, dry as usual. I like to follow it up with my DIY flaxseed gel.

Let me know if you try this out!

Photo credit: VenusianGlow

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