Skin Care Favourites Spring 2021

Skin Care Favourites

Hey everyone, today I have a couple of products that I'm really excited to talk about, because they are huge favourites of mine.

E-fiore Algae Peel-Off Moisturizing Mask

You know those peel-off strips for the nose? This clay mask is like one of those, but for the whole face. It leaves my pores looking so small and my entire face simply clean and glowing. The main ingredients are Diatomacecous earth and algae.
You need to apply a thicker layer so that you can peel it off afterwards. Avoid the eye area. It takes a bit of time for that thick layer to dry. The actual peeling off takes a bit of time since the whole thing doesn't come off in one go, but it is so so satisfying! You see the pore gunk come off on the mask. I'd say that the time it takes is annoying, but it cleans my pores much more effectively than regular peel-off masks. I use it only on my T-zone.

Available in many European countries via the Makeupstore online shop as well as the Makeup stores (, ... you get the idea). The e-fiore has an entire series of masks, and I want to try the other ones too.

Spirulina Algae Mask from Zrob Sobie Krem

I apply this on the dryer areas of my skin, especially the forehead and the eye area. Spirulina is very very moisturising and smoothens out fine lines. This product is simply powdered spirulina, so I can imagine ones from other brands or spirulina that you ground yourself would work just as well. On a side note is that I absolutely love the colour, a brilliant blue-green.

Beauty Glam Clear Skin Roll On

This is 2% BHA (salicylic acid) in a roll-on form. The applicator makes it really fun to apply, especially if you want to concentrate on small areas like the chin or the nose or just on breakouts. 2% is quite a potent amount for salicylic acid. The panthenol and hyaluron in the formula prevents it from being drying. 

Isana Pigment Spots Whitener Care Cream (Rossmann)

I got this because I was curious about the polysaccharide whitening molecule which is apparently very effective in reducting discolouration. I used it only on my discolourated areas all winter and noticed that they got lighter. Discolourations are hard to get rid of so I'm going to keep this one in my arsenal of lightening products. 
One negative is that I didn't care for the smell of this cream.

#beRoutine Enzyme Peeling

This is a lot of fun to use! It's a delicate enzymatic + physical scrub, I'd call it a polishing scrub because it is really fine and smoothens everything. The product is a powder made of extremely finely ground epsom salt, talc and pumice. Add water and the mild surfactant makes a little foam. The two enzymes gently exfoliate things chemically.
I love using this on my arms and legs to smoothen things out. One sachet lasts for several uses. I hope that this will come in bigger containers, because sachets aren't the most ecological solution.
That's all for now. I'm curious about the other roll-ons from Beauty Glam, I think it's such a nice way to apply product. Also I'm embracing the way German brands are starting to finally create products around ingredients and advertising them as such. Consumers today are savvy enough to want products with specific ingredients and want to know the exact concentration.
Photo credit: VenusianGlow

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