My Simple Wavy Hair Styling Routine With Only Three Natural Products

I am more likely to be consistent when things aren't too complicated. The more steps in my hair styling routine, the more likely I am to just shampoo and condition and then regret it. I love seeing other people's elaborate routines, but they aren't for me.
Right now I am sticking to a very simple routine to style my waves. I base myself on the curly-girl routine modified for wavy hair, which gives me nice defined waves and volume. I use just three product most days: flaxseed gel, aloe vera gel and shea butter or some other oil.
My simple wavy hair routine:
  • My baseline is shampooing my scalp, and condition while scrunching my hair.
  • Use DIY flax seed gel as a leave-in conditioner. 
  • I gently towel dry my hair, then apply a dollop of aloe vera gel in my hair, then scrunch again.
  • I spread a tiny amount of shea butter (or another fat or oil) in my palms, and scrunch into the ends to seal and protect them.
  • Finally I plop my hair for 15 minutes. Sometimes I do it with a claw clip like this. I used to plop longer but keeping my scalp hot and moist for too long triggers scalp issues. 
  • Finally I clip my hair to make sure my roots are lifted when they dry.

I always air dry unless it's an emergency, because heat is one of the biggest causes of damage. 



The three techniques -- scrunching, plopping and clipping give me curls and lift, while the other products prevent frizz and maintain the curl.

Of course when I have time I add extra products and steps like acidic rinses and scalp treatments. But it's really nice to have a barebones routine that doesn't take up much time and pretty much always works.

Your mileage may vary, based on your hair type and climate. I have super healthy coarse, textured hair with medium porousity (used to be high but I fixed it with lots of care), and get haircuts to thin out my hair and bring out the curl. I live in a  moderate continental climate. So this post is not a prescription, but an invitation to find your own basic routine.

 Photo credit: VenusianGlow

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