Krakow Guide: What To See, Where To Eat, From A Real Krakowianka

Krakow is a place I come back to again and again. I love the vibe, the small-town cozy feeling combined with big-town culture, the endless choice of gorgeous Cafés. I want to share my Krakow recommendations with you.

What to see:

* Old town: But not just any way, enter it as you would in the middle ages: Walk from the Barbakan through the Florianska gate, to the Rynek square. Listen to the Hejnał (every full hour). Then go down Grodzka and continue till the river.

* Kazimierz: start at the and explore what was the Jewish district. This is my favourite part of town with lovely cafés, handmade shops. There is often a market on the Novy Square, depending on the day it can be clothes or vegetables or handicraft. 

* Wawel Castle: See the cathedral and go up the bell tower, all with an audio guide. Wander around the courtyards and take a while to sit with your back to the wall next to the Chapel of St Gideon - - that's where the earth Chakra is supposed to be. I always experience a lovely stillness in this place. 

For these two things the best day is on Monday because the rest of the castle attractions are closed, so it's very quiet. On another day see the royal Chambers (the Chakra is supposed to be below the Ball Hall, the last room). The treasuries are also really cool. Avoid weekends especially the afternoons.

* University: beautiful renaissance style courtyard is open all day, the inside is like Hogwarts.

* A less touristy track: Walk along the Kładka Ojca Bernatka to Podgórze, there are lovely cafés on both ends of the bridge. Walk on to the King Krak Mound, it's a lovely green quiet place with a great view of Krakow, and you can alao see into the small Plashow

* Another lovely place if you need more green is the Skałki Twardowskiego, a quarry turned stunning artificial lake. You can take a long walk in the surroundings, but if you want to sit at the lake's edge remember that the decent is adventurous and can be dangerous for children. Definitely worth it if you are an able bodied adult though.

Eat, drink:

Old Town:
* Camelot: ridiculously pretty, rooms ranging from cottage style to moody. I love the cupboard doors, outdoor seating both outside and in the courtyard is dope too. 
* Wedel: for chocolate lovers. Best hot chocolate from the famous chocolate factory. 

* KawaLerka: Small and moody, really good coffee. 
* Cytat for book lovers. The toilets are Harry Potter and Star Wars themed. Their lemonades are really good. 
*..... Plants, cakes and coffee. Enjoy the green decor that you can also buy. 
*... In the botanical garden. Lovely location, tasty coffee and cakes. Downside is that you need to buy a ticket for the botanical Gardens, also thw service is slow. 

*... For serious coffee geeks. These guys have things like aerolress, plus you can also choose your beans. 

* For vegan options, go to nnnmmmmm qhich has several dedicated places. 

* Prima on Podgórze for really amazing pizza, probably the best I've ever had. 

* Chader, Kazimierz : run with the support of a jewish cultural institute, this restaurant has amazing middle-eastern dishes, and a very atmospheric interior with books about jewish culture and some cool floor seating. 

Quick bites:

Indian food in Podgórze: tasty, authentic, inexpensive. 
Mazaya Falafel: inexpensive middle-eastern food.
Obwarzanki from any little stand in the old town. 

I recommend picking one area and going from place to place:

Old Town:

You can't go wrong here, the place is full of amazing bars. Here are my favourites:

*?    Atmosperic, with old paintings on the walls. I live how so many bars here are pretty much lit be candlelight. 
* Eszejwera: dark, atmospheric. 

* Absynt: for a great selection of good Absynth. 
*...... Communism-style bar, with it's decor, propaganda posters and the choice of drinks. 
* Hevre: my jaw dropped when I walked in, 
* Singer

* Drukarnia 

Check these out: