Why You Need To Exfoliate Your Scalp

Do you exfoliate your scalp regularly?
Here is why you should:
* Exfoliation removes product buikdup and dead skin
* This makes it easier for active ingredients (for eg scalp treatments for hair growth) to penetrate the skin.
* The hair roots are lifted
* Your hair looks and smells fresh longer 
* It helps with itching and dryness in this area 

I recommend scalp exfoliation for everyone, once or twice a week, unless you have dandruff, wounds, sores or another severe issue on your scalp.
You can chose between physical and chemical exfoliation. Physical exfoliation means there are actual particles that scrub, whereas chemical peels contain enzymes or acids that have a gentler effect. If you have dandruff, physical exfoliation causes microtears that cat worsen the issues, so you need to deal with the dandruff first. You can however use chemical /enzymatic exfoliants. 

In this post I'll talk about physical scrubs. These are really easy to make at home, you just add the exfoliating ingredient to a gentle shampoo or conditioner, gel like aloe vera, or even a face cleansing gel. These products are gentle and provide slip. 

What to use for DIY scalp scrubs

* Sugar: I posted about the DIY sugar scalp scrub a while ago. It has the advantage of dissolvibg, which means that it's impossible to harm your scalp. 
* Salt: it's antibacterial, make sure it doesn't contain any chemicals that keep it dry and loose. 
* Clays: really good for all kinds of skin, keeps oiliness under control. Very gentle exfoliation. Here is a post about the different properties of different coloured clays, and also rhassoul clay.

I recommend these scrub ingredients because they are easy to wash out unlike other ingredients like coffee grounds, ground nuts, etc. 

How to use scalp scrubs

Take 1-2 minutes to scrub gently, using the pads of your fingernails. Never scratch or be rough. Rinse very thoroughly, as residue can make your hair unmanageable.

In my next post I'll be writing about chemical exfoliation, so stay tuned.

Ps I'm writing this post on a phone app as I'm traveling. It doesn't allow me to edit html, so please excuse any issues with formatting. 

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