Do you wear panties that are wider than your hips ?

Would you wear panties that are wider than your hip size ? What a ridiculous question, isn't it ?

So why do you wear a bra band that is wider than your under-breast measurement ?

The common bra fitting practice is to measure ourselves under the breasts, add 5 cm, and round up to the nearest band size.
This is absolutely stupid, and a guarantee that your band will ride up and not give you any support.

The right way to measure the bra band:
Measure yourself under the bust tightly, with your breath out. Substract 5 cm from the result. Rounddown to the nearest band size.
Don't worry, bra bands stretch up to 20 cm. You will be quite comfortable in it, I promise !

Don't believe me ?
You can make this experiment yourself: 

Rimidimi made this experiment, and she writes:

"Our model has 77cm below bust and 92 in the bust. She was waring 80B bras for years, but now she is wiser and wears 70F (EU). 70? You don't believe that the band can be so tight? You don't have to believe, do an experiment by yourself! "

Finding out your correct band size means you have to re-calculate your cup size. This is because the cup size is relative to the band.
Instructions on how to find your perfect bra size >here<.
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