How push-up bras distort breasts

I found this photo on Ebay. It tries to demonstrate how amazing silicone inserts are, but actually shows quite well how they distort the shape of the breast.

It makes me queasy just to look at this:

silicone inserts

     As you can imagine, doing this to your breasts regularly not only kneads them completely out of shape, but also makes the breast tissue migrate away towards the armpits (for more on breast tissue migration and how to reverse it, go >here<).

    It's ok to wear push-ups one in a while, but for normal wear, soft non-padded bras are the best. Not only do they keep your breasts in good shape, but a well fitted soft bra can actually look better than a push-up. Don't believe me ? Take a look at these photos >here<. They show a 70c (wrong size) push-up bra that the girls wore before, and the soft 60DD that she converted to.

   A well fitted soft bra does not force breasts into a shape or size unnatural to them, an thus helps to display them in the best possible way.

   Another point against push-ups: in them it is much harder to recognise signs that one is wearing the wrong size, since breasts tissue spilling out of the cups or cups being not completely filled out is an integral part of the push-up models.

    Since only 10% of us actually wear the right bra size, I recommend reading my posts on breaking out of the Bra Matrix.

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