Black radish mask for oily hair and dandruff

The black radish applied externally works against excess secretion of sebum, dandruff, stimulates hair roots, and slows hair loss. It even stimulates hair growth is some cases.

What you need:

One black radish (also called Black Spanish or Black Spanish). These may be wither round, or elongated. Don't buy a black turnip, it looks similar but it's not what you need.

How tell if the radish is fresh:

It must be fresh, not wrinkled, on the top (where it has been cut).

How to:

Peel the radish, and grate it. Strain the juice through a gauze, a sieve or even just squeeze it out with your palms.
You can eat the remains with ream and salt, it's delicious !
Extra juice can be stored in the fridge, though it's a good idea to put the cup in a plastic bag or foil first, to keep the odour in.

Rub the juice into the scalp, put on a towel (partially to protect the olafactory organs of your co-inhabitants.) Leave on for an hour, then wash out with a shampoo.
You can also leave it on overnight, next morning you'll find your hair nicely soft.
Tingling or burning sensation of the scalp is a normal sympton.

Warning: it's kind of stinky for some people. This treatment has also been called the Love Test. 

Photo by seventytw0dpi    

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