Hair :hearts: cold water

    Almost everyone loves warm showers and hot baths, unfortunately our hair and skin doesn't. It's quite important to avoid washing your hair with very warm or hot water, since it strips the hair of it's natural oils, making dry hair even drier. Oily hair reacts in the opposite way: the already crazy oil glands react to this drying effect by going berserk and producingeven more sebum.
   So, wash your hair with lukewarm or preferably cool water.

   Cold water is the best, it stimulates the blood circulation in the scalp. And a minute-long cold water rinse at the end is supposed to make the hair shine, but closing the follicles. So, even if you dislike the cold, you might try giving your hair a cool wash.

How-to for cold-cats: Try flipping your hair forward and bending down, and using the showerhead to get the cold water on your hair and scapl, not your body (although cold water is supposed to firm up boobs and fight cellulite). Alternatively, you can do this at a sink, fully dressed.

    I found this interesting article that recommends doing a small alternating cold-warm rinse on your hair. It makes the "goosebumps" muscles contract and squeeze out excess sebum !

Photo by global wanderer    

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