The best pillow for your hair and skin

When we sleep, we move our head and bodies many times, rubbing our hair and faces on the pillow-cover. We spend about 1/3rd of our lives sleeping, so what we lay out head on has quite an impact upon our skin and hair !

Most synthetic fabrics do not allow air or moisture to get through, and this can make the skin and hair greasy.

The best pillowcase: silk or satin ?

Silk and satin are smooth, and minimize the friction. Most people who have used both recommend satin over silk. Reasons ? Satin needs less care (you can wash it in the washing machine) and is cheaper. On the other hand, those who are extremely prone to hair static might want to go for silk. Higher quality silk is more expensive, but it is also more durable:

More sleeping tips:

♥ Do not sleep on your stomach, unless you really want wrinkles.

♥ Tie up your hair to minimise friction. You can do it up in a bun, or a braid.

♥ According to Dr Hauschka, using night cream interferes with the skin's natural nighttime regeneration process, and makes it addicted to moisturiser. More >here<.

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