My Stretchmarks (Almost) Disappeared With At Home Methods

Don't let anyone tell you that there is nothing you can do against stretch marks ! Not true. Although getting completely rid of them is impossible without a doctor's intervention, you can make them look much lighter at home.

Here are photos of my belly.

Two months after giving birth:
(click to see the stretch marks in full glory)

The marks don't look so bad here, but they looked like angry red lines at the end of the pregnancy.

1,5 year after giving birth
(much lighter now!)

So, most of the marks are gone ! How did I do that ?

What I did:

♥ I alternated between a bunch of stretch mark creams, and Jojoba oil with vit E. Massaging the skin is more important than the cream !
I wet my skin and hands first, to make sure that the cream would take more time to get absorbed. This made me massage longer.

♥ I scrubbed the stretch marks with a body brush (the kind you wash your back with), or a rough loofah glove.

♥ I ate healthy. If your body isn't overburdened with digesting heavy foods and getting rid of toxins, it will have the time and resources to heal.

♥ Auto suggestion: Instead of telling my body I hate it, I told it to heal my skin, to smooth away the scars. Every night in bed, I imagined my skin healing. Ok, I know that sounds daft, but I do believe that at least 50% of it all is in the mind. Also, a few kind thoughts towards your body do wonders for your self-esteem.

♥ I wasn't even that systematical ! So, if you are, you'll get faster and better results than me.

Update: A reader asked for more info, so I wrote *this post* with more tips.

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