Things to do this autumn

 ♣ Go to a park, and admire nature's show. Collect some pretty leaves to bring home !

 ♣ Decorate your space with autumn leaves, bowls of chestnuts and sprigs of red berries !

 ♣  Turn up the heating and walk around in satin negligee

 ♣ Make a list of stuff you want to do before the end of the year. Then, schedule them in your diary !

 ♣ Do an autumn photoshoot of yourself !!

 ♣  Wear a berry shade of lipstick

 ♣  Enjoy the fun of autumn accessories: scarves, caps and gloves !

 ♣ Bake an apple pie with lots of cinnamon, and share it with someone special !

 ♣ Plan your style concept for the season

 ♣ Make hot cocoa. (Click here for recipe). Drink it in bed.

 ♣ Buy a pair of very warm, colourful (or not) and cuddly socks: the kind to war in bed and around the house !

 ♣ Use pretty autumn leaves for bookmarks.

 ♣ When you feel like you need something sweet, bake an apple with cinnamon on it !

 ♣ Enjoy every moment while you can ! Winter will be here before you know it !

Photo by Grace Olsson^  

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