Bra strap lenght, width, placement and styles


   Bra straps provide only 10% of support, but contribute a lot to the comfot and beauty of a bra. Here is a closer look at bra straps, with a  lot of useful tips for you !


     Different women have breasts placed higher or lower on the chest (this has nothing to do with the firmness / sagging of the breasts). Because of this some girls find the bra straps always too long, others find them too short. Also, different bra brands and models have different strap lengths.
  •     In case you are high-busted and the straps are always too long for you, you can cut the straps shorter and hand-sew them back on easily.
  •     In case your bust is placed low, try too look for bras with longer straps. Alternatively, buy long bra straps separately, rip off the original and attach and the new ones onto your bras.


    It is a big myth that you need to wear broader straps for support if you have a bigger breast size ! Straps provide only 10% of the support, so they can be lacey and fine without harming your support (if the rest of your bra is properly fitted, the band provides 90% of the support). Ok, maybe if your breasts are really very very very big, than that 10% of support is quite a load, and then you might want to forget thin straps.
Proof ? Panache and Fantasie produce strapless bras up to G cup, and Flirtelle till H !
So go ahead and choose straps that look and feel good !


    In half-cups the bra straps are placed quite wide apart. This might be a bit of a problem for very narrow-shouldered ladies. However, some models might have them closer to the center, so don´t give up just yet. Same with plunges.
    Fullcups have the straps positioned rather close together, sometimes too close for broad-shouldered females.
    The straps on balconettes are sometimes very widely spaced (when they are attached to the outeredges), and at other times positioned comfortably midway (when attached nearer to the center of the cup). 


    Some bra straps are just gorgeous, while others disfigure otherwise beautiful bras. I can't think why lingerie manufacturers don't pay more attention to this feature !
    I like La Senza for their attention to this detail: all their straps are lightweight, some bra models have really gorgeous ones, and many demure straps have a little touch that makes them pop !
    Straps on fullcup bras, especially in bigger sizes, seem to be the worst culprits when it comes to ugliness. In a lot of stores all they have to offer are beige coloured tents, with the cups going up to the neck, and ugly thick straps.
    Girls, it does not have to be so ! Check out the straps on Fauve, or Calais or Gabrielle from the brand Fantasie.
   Straps like these give lightness even to the most built-up cups in large sizes.
   Some people have found that bra straps with embellishments stretch out less with use than simple elastic ones.

   Some bra fanatics routinely strip their well-fitting and beautiful bras of their not-too-satisfactory straps, and sew in ones to their liking. At the same time they make the straps removable, so that they can match their straps to the top they are wearing !

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