Reader question: La Senzas, soft bras and sizes

Cly wrote in again with bra questions ! This time she has bought a La Senza push-up -- the La Senza Ultra Soft Pretty Bloom Solid Push Up if I am not mistaken. (Whew, what a mouthful !)
Explanation: there were photos involved, I´m not judging the bras based just on descriptions.

Cly has some questions:

   1. The La Senza Bra is in size 32C (equivalent to 70C). I have no choice because that's their smallest band size. I would love to try 32D but they do not have that size for this model which I feel much more comfortable. (Or I should say they don't have 32D for most of the models.) :(
      It's actually with removable pads, and I wore it without the pads on. Does it seems ok?
      (...) Actually the bra band of this model seems quite stretchy... or probably because it is indeed too big (32C) for me...

   2. My underbust is about 27" (I re-measured myself and my underbust should be 68cm). When referring to the chart, I am really not sure if I should get UK 60E(28E) [according to the 28" band in UK sizing] or UK 65D(30D) [according to 68cm-5cm=63cm band] if I want to buy from online stores.

   3. Another question, do you recommend getting a soft bra without underwires?

Hello Cly !
  1. Looking at the photos I do think that the cups look to small ! But then anything with inserts (all kinds of push-ups) are made to have the cup too small (so that the breast spills out from over the top), and so they are not good for ascertaining your bra size !
    I have worn soft cups with underwires form La Senza, and maybe you should try those instead of the one with inserts !
    Usually La Senza bras have a tight band, so 32 should be ok for you in most models. It's unlucky that the model you chose has a stretchy band ! Remember though that La Senzas usually have a cup that is smaller than usual, so you might want to try 32D (or even 32DD in some models !) They do have bras in this size, maybe you should look in several online stores, as well as
  2. If you measured 68cm under your bust, then 60E would be the best for you. However if the model you want to buy has a tight band, you can go for 65DD.
  3. You don't need to get a bra without underwires. Underwires usually gives a much nicer shape and better support, and help better with gathering the migrated breast tissue. If the size is right thenthe underwires should be comfortable, and not poke.
             I hope that I could answer your questions !
                                                  --- Eternal*Voyageur


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