EFT For Releasing Fears, Addictions And Problems By Tapping


   I want to write about a healing technique called EFT.

   EFT means Emotional Freedom Technique. It is a psychoanalyst technique combined with acupressure. 
   Basically, you tap on certain points of your body (the meridians), while focusing on your problem or a negative emotion.

What can I use it for ?

Try it on everything ! Food cravings, body image issues, jealousy, fear of the dentist, cigarette addiction, painful memories, asthma, nervousness before an exam... practically anything that bothers you !

   The effects of these are strong: people start crying, some break into laughter. Some problems are erased instantly, some need a few sessions. But it really does work !
An Aussie girl's experience with EFT, she used it on her asthma and eating disorder:

How do I do it ?

   Choose a problem, try to keep it specific. Then you repeat “Even though XYZ, I deeply and completely accept myself”, and you tap like this. If “I deeply and completely accept myself” is too corny for you, you can say “I totally rock !” in it's place !
   Get the full explanation and detailed instructions on how to tap on www.emofree.com . Yes, I know that the site looks terribly commercial, but the free instructions are really well written, so you don't need to buy anything at all.

How does EFT work ?

My theory on EFT:

    EFT is based on free association, (a technique that helps repressed stuff like past pains and emotions to come out from the unconscious mind). For most of us it's not easy to think calmly and objectively about our problems, and to analyze our emotions and find the factors behind them. Most of the time we avoid thinking about negative stuff. And when we do think about our problems, it's always with a load of negative emotions: we whinge, we blame ourselves, we get angry at others, we look for excuses... well, you get the point. Hardly objective and constructive.
   In EFT you repeat a statement that describes your problem. When you tap and repeat the statements, you are foxusing on the problem but your conscious mind is busy repeating and tapping. So there is no room left for whingeing or anything else, and the mind stops censoring... that leaves space for stuff to come out from the unconscious without getting censored by the brain.
   In practice, that means that suddenly related memories, clues and answers arise in your brain. Suddenly you might find yourself saying something else than what you started out with, something that totally explains the reason of the problem. For example, I was saying "even though I have xyz" and suddenly I was saying "even though I WANT xyz", and that made me realise that I was holding on to that problem, I didn't want to let go of it ! So I tapped on "even though I WANT xyz" to find the reason -- I was holding on because then a certain person gave me attention !

   I don't know whether the tapping does anything, but for sure it keeps you focused, your mind doesn't wander away
   Theoretically it's supposed to clear up energy blocks in the meridians, but studies have shown that EFT works even if you tap all wrong.

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