Coconut oil can be drying

   I love to use oils for cleansing as well as for moisturising. However all oils are not equal, and while some may work magic, others may wreak havoc on the skin.

    Recently I discovered that coconut oil is drying when used on the skin – as soap makers already know ! It forms a barrier on the skin, and although initially it may seem moisturising, after a while you'll feel that your skin has dried up underneath.

    This is because coconut oil molecules are too big to be absorbed by the skin. So the oil stays on the surface, acting like a barrier that keeps the stuff in your skin in, and the stuff outside out. (Coconut oil might work well if you live in a place that is hot and humid ?)
    Also, since the skin is so oily on the surface, it stops producing its own oils, so after some days the skin will dry out.
   Instead of coconut oil, you can try many other oils, depending on your skin type. My favourite at the moment is Jojoba + rose !

PS "moisturising" is the correct spelling. In British English.


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