Castor oil for darker and longer eyelashes

   The eyelashes, just like our hair, need a little love in the form of a nice oil. Castor oil is a great favourite of mine, I used it on my eyebrows as well as on my eyelashes in my teenage years. Castor oil is a great cleanser and conditioner. It makes eyelashes stronger and longer, and darkens them a bit. It's too sticky to use on hair, but it works great on eyelashes and as a face cleanser.

Warning: some people may be allergic to castor oil.

How to use it:

  •  You can apply castor oil on the lashes with your fingertip or a Q-tip, but an old & clean mascara brush works best: it coats the entire length of the lashes, and you don't get any oil inside your eye.
  • If you feel that the oil is too thick, you can warm it up a little.
  • Be careful not to get the oil inside your eye. It's not harmful for the eye, but rather unpleasant !
  • Do not apply mascara over the castor oil.
  • You can do this treatment before going to bed. If you are one of those people that sleep with their face in the pillow, apply castor oil on your lashes 20 mins before bed time; that way the oil can sink in before it gets rubbed off on the pillow case.

  Do this for a month or two, and you should see the difference !

BTW, I had no idea the castor plant was so pretty...


Have you ever used Castor oil or any other oil on the eyelashes ? What were the results ?

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