How your bra might be making your breasts even smaller

"Wow, I didn't know I could have a bust like this !"  was what I said when I put on my first right sized bra. I went from 75C to 65DD (photos here you pervs !) and suddenly I couldn't stop admiring my bust in the mirror !

Do you feel that your breasts are small ? Do you feel comfortable only in pushups and padded models ?
Well, I have news for you. Your bra may be making your breasts much smaller than they are.

Take a look at this photo. Do you think her breasts are very small ?


This explains it a bit better. The red cup is not going all the way round her breast, it cuts of 1/3rd off, and squashes the rest. (The lady in pink, on the other hand, is wearing the right size that brings out the breast best):

Another example:


Nobody likes living in cramped conditions, so soon the breast tissue decides to move out.

It may migrate to the underarm area:


Or even onto your back:

To find out if your cups are too small, do this test:

  1. Bend forward at the waist.    
  2. Using your hands, gather in all the tissue from your armpits and back into the bra cup* -->
  3. Stand up. Are your cups running over?
*this is also how you should be putting on your bra every day.


Eeeks, I did that and I had "quadruple breasts" !

If in this test you see your breasts spilling out of the cup, it's time to get not only a bigger cup, but a smaller band. Check out these amazing photos of transformations: 70A-to-65D75B to 65F.

The snugger band gives much better support, and helps to keep the breasts higher.

Remember that cup size is always relative to band size. The sizes 80A, 75B, 70C and 65DD can all hold the same breast size !
When you decrease band size and increase cup size, the cup depth stays the same. However the underwire is wider, and it encircles all of the breast instead of flattening it.


Do this right now:

  • Learn all about the Bra Matrix
  • Measure yourself
  • Always gather in your breast tissue, like you did in the test. More details *here*.
  • Fall in love with your boobs again !

PS yes, I know that you would not call all of these women small-busted, but these are the best photos that I could find that illustrate what I want to explain. If you are still not satisfied, get me better ones !


Check these out: