Gaudi-inspired organic home, at lake Titicaca

    Ever saw something that was amazingly close to your fantasy home ?
    My fantasy home would be a whimsically inspired by nature, Gaudi and various ethnic styles. While travelling through Bolivia, I accidentally stumbled upon something amazingly close to my fantasies. Tropica rainforest bathroom, gigantic windows, a stone boulder in the living room, lamp made from Bolivian pottery, ceramic bowls for sinks... lemme in, I wanna live there !

   The amazing Hostal Las Olsas is inspired by nature, Gaudi and native Bolivian art. It's a part of the beautiful moroccan-inspired La Copula Hostal in Copacabana, at banks of lake Titicaca.
    And yes, you can rent one of these little pods for yourself, for less than 30-50$ a day ! That's not enough for me though, I will build something like that for myself someday ! Till then, these photos will serve as inspiration galore for my home !

(Note: there are three of these little houses, I don't remember which bathrooms & kitchens belong to which !)

Native Indian designs on the walls, Gaudi-inspired mosaics on the floor

Down a winding path, with amazing views of Lake Titicaca...

The owner, who has designed everything here as well as the La Copula, happily let us in... the beautiful interior.
The bedromm is upstairs, the blue door leads to the tropical bathroom.

There were some rocks on the site, and the owner decided to incorporate them into the room.
The table is a log cut in half.

The day bed. I adore round beds.

The Kitchenette

 The sink is wooden, the owner said that it does last for years !

The bathroom sink. I am in love.

Shower, brought to you by Gaudi.

It's totally like bathing in a rainforest !

Upstairs is the bedroom. The bed looks like a boat, after all you are living at the shore of the Lake Titicaca !

The lamp above the bed is made from Chicha bowls, which in turn are made from a fruit, called... Wikipedia it yourself.



Aaaand... the view from the window: Lake Titicaca !



The Hostal Las Olas website with even more amazing photos. Inspiration galore !

  More photos from me and from someone else.

   Would your fantasy home be a castle on the beach, or a pink penthouse suite in NYC, or maybe a coutry cottage with honeysuckle ? I'd love to know !

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