Adult-sized hula-hoops that I made !

 I borrowed a camera to shoot my hoopdance beauties. I have to show off ! I mean, I'm so clever and all that !


To scale: my old child-sized hoop is about half the size of these full-sized hoops.

The silver one is mine (mine mine mine mine). I used silver glitter tape, blue Gaffer tape, and two shade of blue vinyl.

The golden one is my first hoop sale !
The lady who got it had been making fruitless efforts to spin my old small hoop on her waist. When she tried this beauty, she got it spinning at first try !


This is my first collapsible hoop, made for a dear friend. It works like this.

Collapsible hoop

I didn't have enough glitter tape left, so... let's just say that it's a fashionably scruffy hoop !

Collapsible hoop

So what is hoopdance about anyway ? Read my love story !

   If you are in Germany or the EU and want a hoop custom-made for you, or just some tubing (I have tons left over), let me know !

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