Weekend Reads 25-09-2009


  • What to wear if you want to shorten your legs. 
  • Love Maegan has lots of fantastic DIY takes on designer pieces !
  • This is a good way to keep your silver jewellery from getting dark.
  • Ziegfield Follies girls... amazing, sensual, gorgeous photos from the 1910's-20's. "
    Florenz Ziegfeld interviewed 15,000 beautiful women a year for a quarter of a century and a total of 3,000 were selected as Ziegfeld Girls, his idea of the most glorious specimens of American womanhood. Floating across the stage to Berlin's wistful, haunting tune, they were choreographed to convey desire -- lust being (slightly) too strong a word -- in chiffon and silk, feathers and lace."

Check these out: