How to fake looking like you've got your shizz together


   How do some girls manage to look great even though it's 6 am & they just got out of bed ? How do they manage to grab the first thing from their closet: an old t-shirt, and make it look like an outfit ? How does a mom of two toddlers manage to look way pulled-together than you ? I mean, how on earth do certain people have it all so fantastically together ?

   My own shizz is all over the place, but I try to act like I've got it all together. And when I started getting the admiring "how do you do it all ?" question, I realised I'm pretty good at faking it. So here are some tips, from the expert:

  • A great haircut makes almost anything you wear look good. By a great haircut I mean aReally Good Haircut. Get one that's wash and wear, unless you really are religious about maintaining it. 
  • Stop being apologetic: "I'm so sorry I am late !" (+ charming smile) sounds better without the "because I couldn't find my keys and my kid spilled sauce on my shirt." Skip the lame excuses and you just might sound like some really interesting stuff had kept you busy !
  • The first thing you should do in the morning is: wash your face, do your hair, and do your face. Even if you're having the craziest day and are still in your chemise hours later, you'll still be looking good enough to answer the doorbell !
  • A statement jewelery piece you can throw on over a simple jeans and a t-shirt, it'll make you look like you're wearing an 'outfit'. Have one or two of these at hand. Go for something big and interesting, but neutral enough to go with most stuff, like this necklace.
  • Always carry a tiny to-go vanity kit in your hand bag ! My tiny satin pouch contains my tiny Palm Pic comb, a little mirror, Shea butter in a clear plastic coin case (my lip gloss !) and my kajal stick. When I'm running late (that's almost always), I line my eyes heavily for a super-quick glam look. And yes, I'm guilty of doing that in public transport and on bus-stops.
  • Spend just 15 minutes but each day on cleaning, tidying and decorating your living space. I start a timer, do a different room each day, and work fast to beat the clock. That way I never have to think twice about inviting home a friend I met randomly on the street. And it's hard to come up with an excuse not to afford just 15 minutes !
  • Throw out anything that doesn't flatter your skin tone, figure, or that needs ironing. That way the first thing you'll grab from your closet is more likely to actually look good.
  • Tips for parents of small kids: after you get dressed to go out, throw a dressing gown over it, that will protect you from surprise messes. Take it off just before exiting !
  • Have a "to go" center near you door: a space where you can keep your packed handbags, keys, vanity pouch, extra tissues, shopping list, city maps, water bottle and anything else you grab before rushing out.
  • Eat healthy and stay hydrated. Nothing looks as good ad healthy skin and hair.

Photo by Garance Dore  

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